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No-Spill™ Systems News

Solution for do it yourself maintenance

Posted on May 13, 2020 by No-Spill™ News Team

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Is your local maintenance shop closed? Are messy oil changes costing you extra time and money to clean up? Well we have the solution for you!

No-Spill® products eliminate the risk of costly maintenance errors, like cross-threaded drain plugs, stripped oil pans and spilled waste fluid clean up; saving you time and money.  To change oil with a No-Spill® drain plug, simply attach a No-Spill® drain tool to the outside of the plug (the plug stays put), this tool lifts an internal valve, and the waste fluid is then drained through a hose in a controlled and clean way. 

No-Spill® Systems is the only aftermarket drain plug made in North America and designed specifically for the North American market. 

Download our attached Agriculture order form and if you have any questions please let us know!

Thank you,
The No-Spill Systems team

The Biggest Myths About Oil Changes

Posted on October 20, 2015 by No-Spill™ News Team

Changing your oil is one of the most important routine maintenance tasks you can perform.  We have debunked the top four myths about changing your oil:

Myth 1 – I can change my oil less frequently because once my engine warms up, the oil becomes just as lubricating as it was when it was first poured in.  This myth is FALSE.  When heated to a high temperature, oil undergoes thermal breakdown, and the oil becomes less effective as a lubricant.  This causes engine parts to rub together, creating additional heat and intensifying the thermal effect/ oil breakdown cycle.
Myth 2 – Changing oil is a time consuming and messy job.  This myth is FALSE.  Keeping your engine oil well maintained may seem like an odious task, it will save you time and money spent on future maintenance.  Fresh oil decreases the wear and tear on your engine, and frequent oil changes can be instrumental in detecting early engine issues before they become catastrophic.  Catastrophic losses mean major repairs, and those take much more time than a simple oil change.  Wi
Myth 3 – When my engine oil is black, it’s time to change the oil.  This myth is also FALSE.  When engine oil is heated, some of the additives and detergents that help your oil move smoothly through your engine change colour.  Be sure to pick the oil recommended by your engine manufacturer, and change your oil based on the manufacturer’s suggested schedule. 

Myth 4 - I need a garage with a lift to change oil .  This is FALSE.  Oil changes can be completed almost anywhere.  Be sure to drain your oil while it is hot for the best results.  With No-Spill™ drain plugs and accessories, your oil changes can be a simple process no matter where you are.
Dirty Tools

Made in North America!

Posted on April 22, 2013 by No-Spill™ News Team

We have been in the business of drain plugs for over 25 years in North America and have provided top notch service and customer support for the duration of this time.
In recent years, we have received an overwhelming number of requests from our customers to provide an American Made product.  We have responded to this by creating our own North American manufacturing process which adheres to the strict quality and service standards we have all come to expect.
All of the brass used in our manufacturing process is sourced in Ohio by hard working Americans!  Our final assembled part are made in Canada!
The process is ISO certified, NAFTA approved, and all products come with a lifetime warranty on parts and workmanship.
Should you have any questions prior to that please do not hesitate to contact our team Toll Free at 1-888-466-7745.