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No-Spill™ Systems News

6 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Truck Cab Clean

Posted on December 08, 2015 by No-Spill™ News Team

6 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Truck Cab Clean - No-Spill™ Systems - Oil Drain Valve TexasLong haul truck drivers spend weeks at a time on the road.  Driving long hours and living in your rig is really an amazing feat. With driving, and sleeping, and eating in a small cab so many hours a day we wondered how do truck drivers keep their “space” clean and comfortable?  We asked a few of our professional truck driving friends what they did to keep their cabs clean during those long hauls. Here are 6 solutions they shared with us:
A good portable or handheld vacuum is one of the most important things you can invest in. Vacuums that use 12 Volt DC only are usually inferior in power, but with the purchase of an AC inverter there are many great and inexpensive options on the market.  Many portable vacuums come with several attachments, allowing you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your cab.
Paint Brush
Our truck driver friends all told us that they keep a paint brush in the cab to “sweep” dust and dirt out of hard to reach places. You can brush around the buttons, air vents, and between the seats of your cab.

Keep your windows closed
The amount of dirt and grime that accumulates in your vehicle when driving with the windows open can accumulate quickly. By keeping your windows closed as much as possible, you can keep the dust down. 

Driving Shoes
Having a pair of shoes that don’t see the street can do wonders for the cleanliness of your cab. Change into your driving shoes when you enter your cab and keep your street shoes on a plastic boot pad that you can easily clean. 

Baby Wipes
Baby wipes, bought in bulk at your local big box store, are much cheaper than disinfectant wipes and can be used for everything. A regular wet wiping of your cab every night will keep the dirt and odors down. Don’t worry, baby wipes come unscented if you don’t want to your rig to smell like a nursery.

Take out the garbage
Get into the habit of cleaning all the garbage out of your cab every night. Food wrappers, napkins, scrap paper, anything that is not needed should be cleaned out. An uncluttered cab is easier to keep clean. 
Keeping the interior of your cab as clean as possible may take some effort in the beginning, but with a little bit of discipline you can start a habit that will make for a much nicer ride. Happy hauling. 

The Environmental Benefits of Keeping your Vehicle in Good Working Order

Posted on November 24, 2015 by No-Spill™ News Team

Vehicle Maintenance - No-Spill™ Systems - Drain Plugs TexasWe are all aware of the small things we can do around our homes to be a little bit greener and to help lessen our impact on the environment, including reducing our consumption of non-reusable packaging and recycling. But, are you aware that keeping your vehicle in good working order also has huge environmental benefits?
It isn’t always a priority to keep our vehicles maintained and we are often inclined to let little things with our cars or trucks slide, especially when we have a few vehicles we are responsible for. By maintaining your vehicles, you not only get the best possible gas mileage, you are helping to do a little bit more for the environment and are saving money too. 
Here are 5 tips for keeping your vehicle in good working order
Keep your tires at the correct pressure and properly aligned
Not only does keeping your tires at the correct pressure help with the longevity of your tires, but you also use less gasoline. Even if your tires are just a few pounds under, your engine must work harder burning more gasoline. Also, the life of an underinflated tire is about 25% less than a tire that is maintained at the correct pressure
Align and balance your tires
Misaligned tires also make your engine work harder causing you to burn more gasoline. Poorly aligned tires also make for faster wear and tear meaning that you must replace them sooner. The disposal of old tires poses a huge environmental challenge.  Some are recycled and repurposed, but most of them still end up in landfills.  By taking care of your tires and keeping them longer, you are contributing less to our landfills.
Replace dirty air and fuel filters
Have your air and fuel filters checked during regular maintenance. Clogged or dirty air filters can reduce your gas mileage by as much as 10% 

Motor Oil
Use the grade of motor oil your car's manufacturer recommends. Using a different grade of motor oil can lower your gas mileage by 1%-2%. 
Replace your oil drain plug
Replacing your oil drain plug with a No-Spill™ Systems magnetic oil drain plug virtually eliminates your chances of an oil spill. Oil seeping into our ground water is a huge environmental problem, and every province and state have laws on the proper disposal of used motor oil. Using the No-Spill™ Systems magnetic oil drain plug completely eliminates all worries of oil spilling while you are draining the oil from your vehicle.

Tips for a Preventative Fleet Maintenance Plan

Posted on October 13, 2015 by No-Spill™ News Team

Preventative Fleet Maintenance Planning - No-Spill™ Systems - Drain Plugs AlbertaWhether you have only a few or many vehicles in your fleet, you know the importance of minimal downtime. Keeping your vehicles on the road is your number one objective, and when things go wrong, time off the road can be extremely costly.
It is often difficult to consider scheduling preventative maintenance for the very reason that you need to: Downtime.  But with proper scheduling of inspections, servicing, and non-essential vehicle repairs you will be guaranteed to have much less downtime in the long run. 
Without preventative maintenance, vehicles will become prone to more serious breakdowns that will inevitably be more expensive and time-consuming to repair.

When planning preventative maintenance for your fleet, keep these tips in mind

  • Have your drivers use a pre-trip and post-trip checklist. There are many apps available for smartphones that can be downloaded for your drivers. They can also be linked to many fleet management software systems. There are also many spreadsheets online that you can download and print out if you choose to use manual reporting. 
  • Consult and communicate with your drivers on a regular basis and document any concerns they may have. Do not rely on checklists alone. 
  • Keep a checklist and report form in the vehicle for drivers to document their concerns quickly when on the road.
  • Make a schedule for service of your vehicles and stick to it. Do not cancel due to deadlines. 
  • Consider breaking your service schedule down into workable units. Schedule small maintenance needs separate from larger maintenance needs. 
  • Don’t let the smaller service details slip in your schedule. Be vigilant with such things as oil and filter changes.
  • If you do not have an in-house service bay, make sure the facility you choose uses only licensed mechanics.
  • Use a fleet management software system. This, above all else, can be the key to managing a responsible maintenance program for your fleet. There are many available to choose from and the cost for several of these software products are quite reasonable. 
A well-maintained fleet vehicle is your key to less downtime for your business. Well-maintained vehicles keep your drivers safer and your business rolling.