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No-Spill™ Systems News

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Posted on September 01, 2021 by No-Spill™ News Team

Did you catch our video with Vehicle Service Pros? In the video topics, such as: draining oil hot vs cold, manufacture recommended practices, and safety are covered. Link provided below so you can watch the full three-minute video.

Link to YouTube video

How can No-Spill help in the construction industry?

Posted on August 03, 2021 by No-Spill™ News Team

  • Using the No-Spill drain plug system allows for a hot oil change without removing the plug from the oil pan, decreasing the maintenance downtime of your equipment.  
  • Reduces the chances of a technician burning their hand as the No-Spill drain plug is made of a brass that does not conduct heat like other metal plugs.
  • It eliminates costly and hazardous oil spills while on the site or in the shop.
  • Doing regular maintenance on your equipment or vehicles will increase their lifespan significantly
  • The Compact design drain plugs are particularly useful for off-roading vehicles with low hanging drain ports, or ports that have limited access.
  • If your construction site is remote and is supported by a mobile maintenance vehicle with a vacuum system, our No-Spill drain plug and accessories can be a handy asset! All our drain plug styles can be hooked up to a vacuum or suction system and even have additional accessories, such as the non-return valve, to eliminate backflow.

Product highlight of the month#2

Posted on July 08, 2021 by No-Spill™ News Team

This month we wanted to highlight some features of the No-Spill Systems Speed Click® design drain plug and accessories.

  • The Speed Click® design drain plugs are a great asset for any mobile service vehicle setup. They allow you to quickly connect and disconnect from your equipment or vehicle, minimizing service downtime and eliminating chances of oil spills while out in the field.
  • The Speed Click® design drain plugs are great for if you have a large fleet and need to get oil or any waste fluids changed as quickly as possible.

  • The Speed Click® design drain plugs are available in all sizes, but they are especially popular on transit, on-highway trucking, mobile service vehicles, and construction equipment.

  • The Speed Click® design drain plugs are made of the same high-quality materials as our Standard design and Compact design series.

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Get your No-Spill drain plugs today!

Posted on April 09, 2021 by No-Spill™ News Team

Solution for do it yourself maintenance

Posted on May 13, 2020 by No-Spill™ News Team

Download Attachment...

Is your local maintenance shop closed? Are messy oil changes costing you extra time and money to clean up? Well we have the solution for you!

No-Spill® products eliminate the risk of costly maintenance errors, like cross-threaded drain plugs, stripped oil pans and spilled waste fluid clean up; saving you time and money.  To change oil with a No-Spill® drain plug, simply attach a No-Spill® drain tool to the outside of the plug (the plug stays put), this tool lifts an internal valve, and the waste fluid is then drained through a hose in a controlled and clean way. 

No-Spill® Systems is the only aftermarket drain plug made in North America and designed specifically for the North American market. 

Download our attached Agriculture order form and if you have any questions please let us know!

Thank you,
The No-Spill Systems team