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No-Spill™ Systems News

10 Reasons To Change Fluids With No-Spill™ Systems

Posted by No-Spill™ News Team on July 07, 2014


Save Money – Eliminate common drain plug problems like stripped pan threads, frozen plugs, cracked pans, replacing washers, lost plugs due to under-torqueing, etc.
  1. Save Time – No-Spill™ Systems is a full bore fitting with a unique single-bridge design, enabling maximum flow rate for a speedy oil change without time-wasting cleanups.
  2. Eliminate Spills – Avoid costly fines and cleanup costs for site remediation and environmental damage.
  3. Eliminate Burns – Reduce injuries and lost time.
  4. True Dual Function – Works with gravity or with suction systems for super-fast, super-efficient draining.
  5. Fast and Easy Installation – No special tools required.  Just replace the factory plug at next oil change.
  6. Full Range of Sizes and Thread Patterns – Available in 500 different sizes which covers the common thread pattern types UNF, NPT, BSP, and Metric.
  7. Highest Quality Design and Materials – Solid brass body, full length machining of threads for maximum strength and security.
  8. Quality Assurance – No-Spill™ Systems is ISO certified and has over 27 years of experience with satisfied customers across North America and the world.
  9. World Leader – We are proud to call No-Spill™ Systems the Global Leader in fluid draining technology.

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