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NEW 3/4 Inch Clicker!

No-Spill™ Systems, is pleased to introduce the newest version to its Speed Click™ Clicker line.  The” ¾ inch Clicker from No-Spill™ Systems.

- NoSpill Quick Oil Drain Plug Systems

Following customer demand, No-Spill™ Systems has produced a new ¾ inch version here in North America. In addition to higher flow rates, a major benefit to this newer version is that customers that use suction systems to drain their fluids won’t have to reduce their connections down to ½ inch as the original version currently requires. No-Spill™ Systems will carry both sizes of Speed Click™ Clickers (the 1/2 inch and the 3/4 inch) to accommodate all of its customer’s needs.

The new ¾ inch Speed Click™ Clicker is compatible with all previously sold Speed Click™ drain plugs and comes in the straight, 45 degree and 90 degree configuration just like the original version.  Pricing is available by calling No-Spill™ Systems at 1-888-466-7745, or email us at .

If you would like more information about this topic or for information on any of the other No-Spill™ Systems line of products, please contact Bob Cassie Sales Manager at (888) 466-7745 ext. 21 or email at .