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How can No-Spill help in the construction industry?

  • Using the No-Spill drain plug system allows for a hot oil change without removing the plug from the oil pan, decreasing the maintenance downtime of your equipment.
  • Reduces the chances of a technician burning their hand as the No-Spill drain plug is made of brass that does not conduct heat like other metal plugs.
  • It eliminates costly and hazardous oil spills while on the site or in the shop.
  • Doing regular maintenance on your equipment or vehicles will increase their lifespan significantly
  • The Compact design drain plugs are particularly useful for off-roading vehicles with low-hanging drain ports or ports that have limited access.
  • If your construction site is remote and is supported by a mobile maintenance vehicle with a vacuum system, our No-Spill drain plug and accessories can be a handy asset! All our drain plug styles can be hooked up to a vacuum or suction system and even have additional accessories, such as the non-return valve, to eliminate backflow.