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Tips to Help the Environment with your Automobile

  • Turn the engine off when sitting and waiting.
  • Avoid idling your engine for long periods after a cold start.
  • Block heaters have been found to reduce air pollution when used 2 to 3 hours before morning start-ups during the winter.
  • Use public transit as often as possible.
  • Use car or van pools instead of driving alone as an energy-saving way to get to where you’re going.
  • Wash your vehicle only when necessary.
  • Unwanted or leftover antifreeze should be taken to a garage that accepts it. Don’t let it go down the sewer drain or be spilled onto your lawn.
  • Be sure to have your vehicle regularly and properly serviced, according to the recommended manufacturer.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated at the pressures recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.
  • If you do your oil changes at home or in your own garage, be sure to collect it in an approved container and take it to a garage that accepts waste oil and can dispose of or repurpose it properly.